When was the last time you had some professional photos taken?  In today’s world with sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more, you know your photo is everywhere!  If you work for yourself, a corporation, or are searching for a new job, you’d better make sure that what is representing you is the best possible photo.

I found this great article that touched on this topic:  8 Profile Rules Every Professional Should Follow.  Here are the rules. You can read more details at the link above.

1.  Always use a photo.

2. Use a recent photo of yourself.

3. You should be the only subject in the photo.

4. Your face should be in focus.

5. Wear appropriate professional or business casual attire.

6. Keep your head straight and upright.

7. Use a pleasant facial expression.

8. Don’t use your company’s product or logo as a photo.

I do believe that your photo should also be appropriate to what you do.  For instance, as a photographer and a creative person, I liked more of an artist photo representing me. But if you’re a blogger, lawyer, doctor, or CEO, you should have something that represents you as a professional.

If you’re in need of an updated photo, please feel free to contact me.  I would be more than happy to come out to your office for a shoot.  Maybe you can even gather up some of your colleagues and share a session.