I’m always so thrilled to meet another mother of three little ones!  There’s something we just have in common!  Chaos!  Someone once told me that having three kids is like having a circus, and they were right!

I went to this beautiful family’s home and just loved the two older kiddos and their energy. I could see how excited they were to have a baby sister.  And being that I have three myself, I know just how loved that little baby is going to be.  Yes, it’s chaotic, but it’s so worth it!


It looks like someone had a very busy day!

Here’s a sample of what the images from the shoot look like in a gallery wall I’ve put together.

Sera Choi Desk Wall Gallery

Canvas sizes shown here are:  (2) 20×30’s and (2) 16×20’s.  With my help, we can work together to choose images and just the right sizes that will work in your home!  Please touch base with me to see how I can help!