A few months ago, I received an inquiry to photograph someone for acting headshots.  I had never done them before, but that didn’t stop me from saying “yes”.  I love trying new things.  For me, it keeps things interesting and it keeps me learning!  And in life, that’s where I love to be.

Before setting out for the shoot, I did my research to see what headshots look like these days!  There was a time in my past where I wanted to be an actress and I moved to L.A. to pursue that dream.  After some professional acting classes and playing the part of “Molly” in Neil Simon’s “Jake’s Women”, in Greenwich, Connecticut, that dream ended!  I still love the craft of acting, but it’s no longer my dream!

These photos are the result of setting out to try something new!

How about those big beautiful brown eyes?  I had so much fun photographing this young aspiring actress.  She was so adorable and super easy to work with.  I think the shoot was a success.  What do you think?