WALL GALLERY DISPLAYS – What will you do with your images?

Several years ago before our third child was even a thought in our minds, we had professional photos taken of our family.  It took me quite some time to put this wall gallery together in our family room.  It’s the one place we sit and relax in everyday and even years after those photos have been taken, and our third child has been born, they are still here on that wall, and they still bring me joy everyday.

wall gallery

I realize that having professional images taken comes with a price tag and not everyone can afford that luxury.  But if you’ve made an investment with me in a photo shoot, or are about to make one, you can’t let that investment just go to waste, you need to do something with it! Will you put together a wall gallery that displays your beautiful family so that you and your guests can admire your beautiful family?  Will you print and frame images for a special family member?

These days, with camera phones, and the abundance of images that we take, we have a tendency to let images just sit on our computer and don’t do anything with them. I know that choosing the right size images and frames, and putting together a wall display can be quite challenging, and a bit confusing, but I’m here to help.  With my help, you choose your favorite images, and I’ll put together your wall display.  WOW!  Doesn’t that sound easy?  It is!  But it gets even better! To help you envision your images in your home,  you can simply take a photo with your phone of your home where you you’d like the gallery and text it to me and I can design something for that specific space.   Once we’ve decided on just the right display, you can then order professional products, canvas, frames, prints, etc…from me or from the personal gallery page that I have provided for you to view and download your images.  The best thing, your products will arrive right at your doorstep!  And you can start displaying your beautiful images immediately.  There’s no need to run out to Target, Aaron Brothers, IKEA, Marshall’s or Home Goods to pull together a bunch of frames.  With Canvases, you don’t need a frame.  And with Organic Bloom frames, not only do you get a frame, but you get a really nice addition to your home’s decor.

Here are some great samples for you to look at what I can do to help you.  There’s so many more gallery options to explore too.

OB Wall Gallery Liz Ehlers

Stephany Maternity Wall Gallery

Sera Choi Desk Wall Gallery


Chair Wall Galleryjpg

savannah girl room

Allison Stairs Gallery

So what will you do with your images? Please do something! Don’t let the images go to waste sitting on your computer.  They’re for you and all of your friends and family to enjoy!

Check out my Style & Design Guide to see how we can put together a wall display with your images too!